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Tradition doesn’t exclude innovation.

This concept also applies to the traditional craft of beekeeping. Why not lighten the strenuous workload with the latest affordable high-tech aids?

The BeeWatch® team is made up of experienced beekeepers, resourceful engineers and inventors, and reliable manufacturers. The interaction of bee experts and external specialists produces exactly the right kind of creativity needed to develop affordable and efficient work tools.

Whether we are beekeepers, technicians or part of the sales and exhibition teams – our common goal is to make beekeeping easier and more convenient, and through doing so, to gain the interest of young people and to introduce them to the important task of beekeeping. Young beekeepers do not want stuffy work practices or outdated techniques. They are open to quality, high-technology and innovation, making beekeeping more efficient and sustainable with less effort, cost and labour.

Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities, and discover for yourself how you can make beekeeping easier through the use of our affordable products.

From scales for home beekeepers with bee colonies on location, to “tailor-made” scientific scales for bee institutes and research institutes, we offer the complete range of electronic scales.

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