BeeWatch Professional

High-tech with GPS monitoring


  • Automatic start-up – no programming
  • Latest technology for a reasonable, affordable price
  • Theft protection with integrated GPS positioning system
  • Weighs accurately to the nearest 20g and up to 200kg
  • Problem free worldwide use with the quad-band 3G module
  • Super economical battery operation
  • Temperature range from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C allows feed controls in winter

Why the BeeWatch Professional?

The Beewatch Professional is designed for migratory beekeeping and meets the typical requirements for professional migration to more distant types of yield. Due to the large amount of measured data, the Professional is also suitable for beekeeping schools, clubs and of course honey yield observers in associations. The technically minded beekeeper with high requirements in the areas of comfort, technology and data volume is also well served with the BeeWatch Professional.

Additional Information

Why use the BeeWatch® Professional?

  • Time is money! Save yourself long trips for checking your bee colonies, and access all the relevant data from your home PC.
  • Get more out of your vehicle, wallet and the environment through saved fuel costs and significantly less car-wear. Enjoy warm summer days on your balcony or terrace instead of performing stressful checks.
  • The BeeWatch® Professional gives you a complete overview, and you can accurately assess the situation at the bees’ location:
    – Rainfall duration and amount (essential in the forest yield!)
    – Daily temperature / humidity
    – Wind speed
    – Hive or breeding chamber temperature
    – Bee flight
    – Weight increase or decrease
    – IMMEDIATE warning of unauthorised lid removal or opening of the hive.
    – In the case of theft, BeeWatch® Professional reports the new position via GPS tracking.

Advantages of the BeeWatch® Professional


  • Problem-free worldwide use with the quad-band GSM module.
  • Measurement results are displayed graphically and immediately enable an assessment.
  • The main scales can be connected to control/secondary scales.
  • No special skills, expensive computers or meter-reading tools are required.
  • Latest technology for a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Theft protection with integrated GPS positioning system.
  • The BeeWatch® Professional has an accuracy/readability of up to 20g.
  • The temperature range of -30 ° C to + 60 ° C also allows for feed checks in the winter.
  • Up to 7 fixed and/or mobile phone numbers can be specified for the theft alarm.


Stainless steel Yes (adjustable)
Size in cm (L x W x H) 52 x 39 cm to 52 x 6 cm (adjustable)
Weighing range 200kg
Accuracy 20g

Operating conditions / Protection

Temperature range -30°C to 60°C
Protection class of electronic enclosure IP65

Power supply

Battery type (build in) 3 x Mono D
Battery durability 1 year


GSM/GPS (2G) Yes (worldwide)
UMTS, HSPA+ (3G) Yes (worldwide)
GPS-Position Yes


Internal GSM-Antenna Yes
External GSM-Antenna Option
GPS-Antenna Yes


Temperature -40 – +125°C
(-40 – +257°F)
Humidity 0 – 100% Yes
Rainfall 0 – 999 l/m²
(0 – 39.3 in)
Option Rain Gage and Option Weather Station
Wind speed 0 – 200 km/h
(0 – 124 mph)
Option Weather Station
Weather station Option
Brood temperature 0 – 60°C
(0 – 140 °F)

Data acquisition

Measurement cycle 15 / 30 / 60 minutes (configurable)

Control scale

Control scale (wireless connectable) Yes – up to 5

Alarms / Control via SMS

Weight loss Yes
Moving / Lifting Yes
Connectivity of external alarms Yes
Battery charging control Yes
Phone credit (Prepaid cards only) Yes
Telephone numbers (in case of alarm) up to 7
Control per SMS Yes (Start / Stopp / Alarm)

Data transfer

GPRS / Internet Yes
Bluetooth (max. 10 meters / 11 yards) Option

Data evolution

Browser (Internet – private account) Yes
Desktop application (local PC) Option
Android-App (Smartphone / Tablet) Option
iPhone App No

Additional reader

Tablet (ca. 17,8 cm or 7“ screen size) Option





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Scale 1190 Euro, incl. VAT
Additional scale 806,80 Euro, incl. VAT
Weather station 189,00 Euro, incl. VAT
Rain sensor 54,00 Euro, incl. VAT
Brood temperature sensor 35,70 Euro, incl. VAT

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