BeeWatch Tracker

The new and simple GPS location for everything that can be moved!

Stop bee theft! Protect your bee colonies effectively and unobtrusively from theft with the BeeWatch® Tracker! SMS alarm when the hive is moved!

You can take action immediately.
The current GPS position is always on your mobile phone. With Google Maps/Earth, you can determine the exact location of the hive and find your lost bee colonies – wherever they are in the world.

  • Small, discreet, powerful
  • Easy operation, long service life
  • No harmful radiation for the bees

The perfect monitoring and protection tool for all movable and valuable goods (e.g. agricultural machinery, construction machinery, high-tech electric bicycles, RVs, classic cars and much more).
The BeeWatch® Tracker provides active protection against theft and loss.

Short Description

The BeeWatch Tracker start-up runs as follows:
beewatch-tracker-02Connect the BeeWatch Tracker via USB cable to your PC, smartphone charger or PowerBank. While charging, the LED next to the USB port will light up. The initial charging operation may last up to 6 hours, depending on the energy source. When the LED is no longer lit, remove the battery charger.
The LED “Status Indicator Tracker” indicates, among other things, the status of the SIM card and access to the telephone network. When the BeeWatch Tracker is active (switched on) the LEDs are no longer lit in order to save energy.
If the LED “Status Indicator Tracker” light stays on, this signals a missing/defective SIM card or a PIN-protected SIM card.

To correct this, please proceed as follows:
Insert the SIM card and press the button until the LED turns off by itself (about 6 seconds) or remove the SIM card, insert it into a mobile phone and remove the PIN. Then reinsert the card and press the button for 6 seconds.
After pressing the button, the BeeWatch Tracker will start automatically and detect its current position. The start is signalled via SMS.

Attention: Please note that contact to satellites is limited indoors, and it can be difficult to determine the position.

After start-up, there will be a period of 30 minutes during which the BeeWatch Tracker is not active. This time can be used to “hide” the Tracker. After this time the Tracker is switched on.
In the event of an alarm, the Tracker transmits its location via SMS and repeats the position message every 30 minutes. If the alarm is found to be defective, you can turn it off through SMS. In such a case please send an SMS with the text ALARM to your BeeWatch Tracker. The BeeWatch Tracker will acknowledge this with the appropriate SMS.

Working on the hive:
Before working on the hive, send an SMS with the text ALARM to your BeeWatch Tracker. There will now be no alarm while working on the hive. After 50 minutes, the alarm mode will be automatically activated again.

Moving, or turning off the Tracker:
If moving or turning off the Tracker, send an SMS with the text TRANS to your BeeWatch Tracker. When moving, the the Tracker will be set to the transport mode. This will also be confirmed by SMS. You can also press the button for 2-3 seconds to retrieve the SMS.

If the BeeWatch Tracker is in the transport mode, the Tracker needs to be “woken up” by pressing a button. Please press the button until the status LED turns off by itself.

BeeWatch-Tracker_01The BeeWatch® Tracker is a highly efficient and at the same time unobtrusive device, which can be hidden in the hive to effectively protect against theft.

If the hive is moved, the BeeWatch® Tracker will send an SMS ALARM to your mobile phone. After this first SMS ALARM, the so-called Tracking Function comes into force, notifying the beekeeper of the current GPS coordinates every 30 minutes via SMS and thereby indicating the current position of the hive. Other time intervals are individually adjustable via SMS.

It is then possible to track the position using Google Earth or Google Maps. If the stolen bees reach a final destination, you can determine the final position very accurately. Ideally, you can narrow down the final coordinates to the nearest 10 metres, anywhere in the world, to succeed in finding your missing bee colony again.
The battery has a life of about 180 days and can be charged at any time through a USB cable using a laptop, power bank or a cigarette lighter in a car.

The Tracker requires a credited SMS-enabled SIM card. When carrying out controls of your bee colony, you can shut the Tracker down via SMS message. The BeeWatch® Tracker automatically turns off after 50 minutes and returns to the monitoring state.

Size in cm (L x W x H) 70 x 50 x 20 mm
Battery duralibty 6 months
Charging with USB cabel
Charging time ca. 6 hours


Price 139.- Euro, incl. VAT

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