BeeWatch Home

The fully electronic scales for modern and efficient home beekeeping!


  • Easy to operate
  • Supplied individually adjusted for your specific needs
  • No technical knowledge required: Unpack – Assemble – Weigh
  • Problem free year-round use due to low battery consumption
  • Only a readout display for all scales

Why the BeeWatch Home?

The BeeWatch Home scales are the perfect scales for when your bee colonies are not too far away. They are fully electronic hive scales which store all measurement data for 16 days. On the 17th day, the first day of measurement is simply “overwritten” with the new data. The Home doesn’t transmit or send any data; instead the data can be read by beekeepers themselves on site. The data is transferred via a Bluetooth connection by means of an app to an existing smartphone or a tablet PC with the Android operating system. With the app, any number of BeeWatch Home scales can be read on various different locations.

The BeeWatch Home measures the weight hourly and stores the 24 measuring points per day in the form of a graph. The scales can, optionally, be equipped with the measuring Plus system, which means that in addition to the weight, outdoor temperature, humidity, and rainfall can also be recorded.
In short, the BeeWatch Home is the perfect work aid for any beekeeper who does not need wireless scales but still expects the same information and ease of use of a hive scale.

Additional information

RegenmesserThe BeeWatch® Home scales are fully electronic floor scales for the home beekeeper who does not require technically complex wireless transmission, as the bee colonies are not too far away. In contrast to classical mechanical hive scales, the BeeWatch® Home records the measuring data every hour.
In addition, the BeeWatch® Home is extremely user-friendly, as the lengthy balancing of the scales near the ground is so good that the complicated recording of the data becomes redundant.

When you retrieve your data from the scales within the maximum period of 16 days, the information is automatically added to an electronic hive card. Depending on the version of the scales, temperature, humidity and rainfall can be archived along with the hive weight. In the future you can easily retrieve the information and compare it against the respective parameters.

The scales can only be read by you, since you give the scales a name and a unique password. During the start-up process, enter the name and your chosen password once. The system (the electronics) will remember this for the future, so further input is not necessary. The BeeWatch® Home only gives the available data to the authorised reader. Whether you are using a Tablet PC or smart phone, in order to read out the current measurement data you will need to activate your weighing electronics with a magnet to transfer the existing data.

The scales will then connect automatically with the included Tablet PC and you can retrieve the current hive weight at any time, accurate to the nearest 20g.
Or: If you have your own Android smartphone, you can use your phone as a display unit instead of the Tablet PC and the values will be displayed on your smartphone. If you already have your own Tablet PC with Bluetooth function, you can retrieve your data on it with the (software) app made available by us.

With your reading unit (Tablet PC or Smartphone) you can check all your available hive scales at all your locations.

The BeeWatch® Home operates free of any radiation and with conventional batteries. (Standby-time up to 1 year)

The electronic hive scales are pre-configured when shipped, so no complex start-up is necessary.


Stainless steel Option
Size in cm (L x W x H) 52 x 42 x 6 cm
Weighing range 200kg
Accuracy 20g

Operating conditions / Protection

Temperature range -30°C to 60°C
Protection class of electronic enclosure IP65

Power supply

Battery type (build in) 3 x AA
Battery durability 1 year


GPS-Position No


Internal GSM-Antenna No
External GSM-Antenna No
GPS-Antenna No


Temperature -40 – +125°C
(-40 – +257°F)
Option (Messplus-Package)
Humidity 0 – 100% Option (Messplus-Package)
Humidity 0 – 100% Option (Messplus-Package)
Wind speed 0 – 200 km/h
(0 – 124 mph)
Weather station No
Brood temperature 0 – 60°C
(0 – 140 °F)

Data acquisition

Measurement cycle 1 x per hour

Control scale

Control scale (wireless connectable) No

Alarms / Control via SMS

Weight loss No
Moving / Lifting No
Connectivity of external alarms No
Battery charging control Yes (only with App)
Phone credit (Prepaid cards only) No
Telephone numbers (in case of alarm) No
Control per SMS No

Data transfer

GPRS / Internet No
Bluetooth (max. 10 meters / 11 yards) Yes

Data evolution

Browser (Internet – private account) No
Desktop application (local PC) No
Android-App (Smartphone / Tablet) Yes
iPhone App No

Additional reader

Tablet (ca. 17,8 cm or 7“ screen size) Option


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Price 339.- Euro, incl. VAT

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