BeeWatch Bumble Bee – a different kind of scales

Such a request sure doesn’t come up every day…

Last year we were asked if we could provide bumblebee scales for a research project.
Weighing bumblebees?
At first glance, this sounded unusual to us.
But we found the project exciting and so we designed the BeeWatch Bumble Bee.

What is so special about these scales?
Of course, a bumblebee colony is numerically tiny compared to a bee economy colony.
In such a colony there are often only from 100 to a maximum of 300 bumblebees.
The measurement accuracy of 20g would of course not apply.

The task was challenging but solvable:
The result is fully functional wireless bumblebee scales with a readability or accuracy to the nearest 2 grams up to 50kg.

23. October 2014